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About Harvard Medical School Global Academy

HMS Global Academy

Harvard Medical School Global Academy is a learning center for postgraduate, online medical education, in Harvard Medical School’s division of Global and Continuing Education. The goal of HMS Global Academy is to provide doctors, researchers, and health care professionals around the world with current medical education that is authoritative, trustworthy, and accessible. To do this, we draw on the expertise of Harvard Medical School’s 11,000+ physicians, researchers, and other faculty members. Founded in 1782, Harvard Medical School today encompasses 17 affiliated hospitals, and 32 centers, divisions, and institutes worldwide. Read more about the history of Harvard Medical School.

At HMS Global Academy we welcome you to explore our online, accredited and non-accredited course offerings, which we continue to expand. We also bring you contemporary medical information with our news and blogs.


In addition to Harvard Medical School’s Global Academy, Harvard University offers two other programs of study to health care professionals around the world.

Continuing Education at Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School’s division of Continuing Education (CE) offers an array of medical education courses and activities through Harvard Medical School. These informative, collaborative, and participatory courses give you the opportunity to meet world-class faculty in-person, and become part of an engaged community of international colleagues. Harvard’s Continuing Education courses are offered in a number of teaching modalities, including Live Courses, Online Courses, and Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS). All are directed by HMS faculty, within the clinical departments of Harvard Medical School's affiliated hospitals. Browse the HMS Continuing Education courses.

Global Education Programs at Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School’s Office of Global Education (OGE) offers a range of skills-based career development programs to medical professionals, scientists, and health care leaders throughout the world. The blended learning approach of the OGE programs combines online and live teaching in an interactive format to allow participation from busy clinicians and clinician-scientists worldwide. Student groups work together across international borders and time zones for better learning outcomes, and OGE programs can be adapted to the specialized needs of an individual, an institution, or a region. One example is the Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program, a 12-month program that provides students with a strong foundation in the methods and conduct of clinical research. This and similar program offerings, enable health care professionals – wherever they may reside – to access the high quality of Harvard Medical School’s hands-on, team-based approaches and one-on-one faculty interactions. Learn more about our continuing medical education programs in Harvard’s Office of Global Education.

Mission Statement

"On behalf of Global and Continuing Education, welcome to the Harvard Medical School Global Academy. Our goal is to provide pedagogically innovative, authoritative, and cutting-edge education across the spectrum of health care and biomedical science for physicians, physician extenders, and other colleagues globally."

Ajay K. Singh MBBS, FRCP, MBA
Senior Associate Dean for Global and Continuing Education